Countries & Destinations Memory Mats

How many countries & destinations have you visited? Whether one or many we have a photo mat allowing you to re-live your precious, and too often infrequent, vacations. Each time you view your treasured photographs, displayed in one of our spectacular Countries & Destinations Memory Mats wood photo mats, you’ll be transported back to that trip.

Our Memory Mats are designed by us and, coupled, with our frames allow you display and look back to those special moments time and time again. Whether you want an 11×14 or 16×20 collage for photos of your last cruise, or something as simple as a 5×7 photo mat to identify and display where you last vacationed we have a solution. How about a large collage that shows a map and national flag from your last trip.

All of our mats are designed and made by us in New Hampshire. The optional solid oak frames, that hold our mats, are made for us to our exacting specifications, in Kansas.

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